We provide Telco Grade Solutions in 20 emerging markets(India, Africa & Bangladesh) Technology for delivery of information over USSD, SMS, Voice & WAP

Our Services aims to bridge the divide in the information market by making Classifieds & life-enhancing information easily accessible and consumable in real time by millions of mobile users. By aggregating a disaggregated information market, we deliver a one-stop-shop to consumers across geographies, thereby addressing a key mobile-user pain area of having to discover and browse through content across multiple sources.

We offer following on-deck solutions for operators over multiple bearers

  • Job Listings & Career Guidance
  • Real Estate & Property Listings
  • Educational Listings & Mobile-based Testing
  • Matrimonial & Matchmaking Services
  • Deals and Discounts
  • Location-based Services
  • News & Local Information
  • Market place
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